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Helping my son and double checking, could the following 2 sentences be considered imperative sentences?

1. Josh go to your room.
2. You better go to your room.


The first sentence, Josh, go to your room. is imperative. It's a command or request. The subject of the verb go is the understood (You).

The second sentence, You better go to your room. is a declarative sentence because it makes a statement. The subject of the verb, You is stated. Imperative sentences almost never have a stated subject; the subject, you is implied.

The first one is imperative -- a direct command.

The second one is technically a statement (declarative), and it should read "You'd better ... " (the "'d" stands for "had")


what is the question and answer flow for an imperstive sentence?


what does this mean

what is the question and answer flow for an imperstive sentence?

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    ermmm can you give me an example on cooking impretive verbs thanks !!! cool site !!

  • imperative sentence -

    What is an imparative sentence?

  • imperative sentence -

    I would like to know a imperative sentence please because i have this homework sheet that your post to write imperative,interogative,and exclamatory on the line.I asked my sister if she know what a imperative sentence and she said that she forgot too.So,i need to know what is a imperative sentence

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    what is the imperative sentence

  • imperative sentence -

    Come over to my house this evening.

  • imperative sentence -

    is the command or request

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    the word is also

  • imperative sentence -

    what is the question and answer flow for an imperative sentence?

  • imperative sentence -

    it gives a command

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    i am in the 6th grade i am in all honors classes so i am learning 7-9th grade stuff.And it is very hard tell me is the imparitve sent. the subject what u understand?

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    kick your usk

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