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solving Equations

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Solve x square pluse 5x subtracting by 6 equals zero?

X^2 + 5x - 6 = 0
Solve by factoring. 3 and 2 will do it.

heres the right answer....


Let's see if that is the right answer.
The first number is the product of the first two numbers; x*x = x^2. That isn't right because it must be 2x^2. We can quit here and look for another set of numbers. You KNOW the first one must be 2x and x because 2*1 is the only way to obtain 2 as a product. BUT it is wrong for the last term, too. The middle term is the only one that is correct. One term right out of three isn't good enough.

x times x is x squared....x+x is 2x so mu answer is right!!!

Sorry but your answer is not right. The first term MUST be 2x^2. The only way to obtain 2x^2 is to have one of the spots filled with 2x and the other with x. That is the only way to obtain 2x^2. You are correct that x times x is x^2. You are also correct that x+x = 2x BUT that doen't have anything to do with the problem. 5 x 5 is 25, too, but that doesn't have anything to do with the problem either.

i know i am right...i guarantee that im 100 percent right!!!!

if u factor your number in there and u did say 3 and 2 well if u check it 3-2=1...that doesnt equal -6...if u check my answer...the equation is x^2+5x-6=0 well (x-1)(x+6)=0 because x times x is x^2...and 6x-1x is 5x and -1times 6 is -6....

Logan. We are not working the same problem. You are working the problem posted. I'm working another problem posted in a different place. I didn't check this one to look at the numbers until now because I thought I remembered it. Obviously, I didn't.
(x-1)(x+6) is correct. So you are right and I am wrong. Thanks for your persistence.

i just didn't want the person to get it problem

What number gives the same result when multiplied by 6 as it does when 6 is added to it?


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