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find the general term that describes the following sequens

I the thing is that you divide each of them by 2

so I would go
y(n)= 600/ 2^n

but how do I check if this is right?
is this right?

It is right.

That would certainly be a good guess, and 'a' possible sequence. It would be the most natural one to use too in my opinion.
How to test it?
You're hypothesizing that the general or nth term is 600/2n so for n=1 you'd have
600/2 = 300, so you might want to alter the general term to be
600/2n-1 then for n=1 you'd have
600/21-1 = 600/20 =600/1 = 600
For n=2 you'd have 600/21 = 300
Then y(n) would be right for the first 4 terms of the sequence.

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