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The word is tessellation. If you had read my response to your original question you would have known how to spell it. Go to, type in anything close and it will ask you if you meant tessellation. Click on that and there are about 10,000 answers to view. Good luck.

Go to Google and put this in the search window:
define tessellation

Use the key word define when you want google to return the definition of a word.
I had no trouble finding the definition of that word. You insist on spelling it wrong for some reason.
Here's the first definition I got
Web definition tessellation:
A sub-division of space into discrete elements. Raster surfaces sub-divide space into regular tessellations such as pixels. Polygons are examples of irregular tessellations

Thank you Roger and Dr.Bob222 very much but my papers says its spelled tesselation.ANYWAY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Then your papers are wrong. Google spells it with two ls and my 30 year old dictionary at home spells it with two ls so I'm sticking with two ls.

You're welcome. I also think your paper has it wrong. I've run across this term a couple times and 2 l's seems right to me too.

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