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Hi we are doing debates tomorrow and my debate group's topic is "should school be voluntary"? I am 3rd speaker on the negative team and I need help finding information and sources for it please. I would also appreciate some rebuttal tips, thank you.

Try the whole "nature vs. nurture" side with the passages on education from "Emile" by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. :) Also,
-how would we be able to pay for items if we cannot count or do arithmetic?
-without learning how to read, we can't read signs, drive, or follow maps.
-without government and economics, we can't hope to make it in business.
-without basic history, we can't understand the reasons behind where we are today or how to change things now. otherwise, we may make the same mistakes as before.
-without science, we- the skeptical public- may not accept medicines as being true and may have stuck with witchcraft and mumbo-jumbo sorcery.
-if we don't have general education, we won't know what field of work we want to get into later in life. <--**i think this will be key in arguing against the argument that we don't usually need topics in history or physics because we might go into a job that doesn't require those. :)
good luck

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