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How would you find latitude and longitude without using a globe or the internet? Please help

If you are plotting long distances are varying courses, the best you could do is plot these on a Equidistant Projection, and the usual of these is the Miller Equidistant Projection. I doubt if you have seen these in school.
Perhaps your teacher wants you to plot the distances on a standard Mercator Projection, forgetting that over long distances this map is terribly wrong as one goes North or South.
I have contacted a geography teacher to help you on this question, as I am at a total loss why your teacher gave you an impossible assignment (without a globe or a background in spherical trig). If the distances you cited had been smaller, say 120 miles, etc, the Mercator projection (flat map) would have been close to accurate.
Sorry for the confusion.

The best way is to use a GPRS.

You can use a paper map to find longitude and latitude without using a globe or the Internet.

Check these sites for information.

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