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Write an equation for the translation so the graph has the given vertex.

1. y=-|x| vertex (-5,0)
2. y=2|x| vertex (-4,3)
3. y=-|x| vertex (p,q)

I really have no idea how to even begin these, but I do know the answer to # 2 is y=2|x|+11 and #3 is

Thanks in advance.

The vertex should be the lowest or highest point on the graph.
To shift left you add to x, so for 1. x+5 moves left 5 units and y=-|x+5| is the shift.
To shift up you add, so 2|x+4| shifts left 4 and y=2|x+4|+3. I don't see how you got y=2|x|+11 for this one.
#3 is y=-|x-p|+q looks correct.

Hmm, well that's what the answer is in my book.

This is what you told us:
2. y=2|x| vertex (-4,3); the answer to # 2 is y=2|x|+11
Do they want you to evaluate the point x=-4 or do a translation so the vertex is at (-4,3)? Check with your teacher, there could be a typo in the book. I really don't know how they got that answer.

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