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5th Grade Math

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Complete each pattern:

25,_____61,_____ We are thinking 43 and 80 since you can count up and down by even and odd.

64,_____,_____,_____,32 This one is no clue


32,40,48,56,64 YOU GET THE ANSWER BY MULT BY 8'S

Thank you very much James

It looks like an arithmetic sequence for both of them.
(61-25)/2 = 18 is the common difference for the first one, so
The second is (32-64)/4 = -8 so
so it's a decreasing sequence.

i am happy to be here

hello my name is brit i will like to know if you can help me with my math homework?t is finding the volume but i don't wont to do the work.

  • 5th Grade Math -

    7200ft= mi ft

  • 5th Grade Math -

    complete the pattern.
    87,__,43,__? I do not under stans how to get the answer Thanks

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