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genetic information

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I am doing a small (paragraph) section on the requirements of genetic information and I probably will put some of this in. It can be over anything. Is the below all correct?

It must be an information carrier.
It must be resistant to change.
It must be able to run a cell.
It must be able to replicate.

I think I would add:
It must be able to repair damage (miscopies).
It needs to be able to combine in a way to allow two parents for each new assortment of genetic information.

Ok, I just inquired this to my professor and he said one of my choices is wrong. Ideas? I'm stumped.

the run a cell is a bit off. The DNA does not run a cell directly. THE DNA determines the enzymes and proteins that are in the cell, and they "run" the cell in a manner of speaking.

I think changing the run a cell to something like indirectly determines cellular and life biochemical processes within cells is better.

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