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We are doing a lab that requires finding the molarity of an unknown AgNO3 solution after reacting NaCl + AgNO3 --> NaNO3 and AgCl and collecting/massing the precipitate. We will be using 10.00 mL of an NaCl solution and 10.00 mL of the AgNO3 solution. We know that the AgNO3 concentration will lie somewhere between .150M and .350M.

My lab partner want to find out what the molarity of the NaCl solution needs to be so that we react the exact amount of AgNO3 given. I know this will probably end up being an exact reacting ratio problem- but is it possible to figure out with the information given? If so, can someone show me how to do a problem like this?

Take the balanced equation:
NaCl + AgNO3 --> NaNO3 and AgCl

So one wants the same number of moles of sodium chloride as silver nitrate, so if you use equal volumes, then EQUAL concentrations need to be used.

the answer is 7

What is the same and different in the following ionic compounds?
A) Na2SO4 and BaSO4

B) AgNO3 and AgCl

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    A- different
    B- same

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