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The equation d =70t represents the distance in miles covered after traveling at 70 miles per hour for t hours.....what is d when t = 2.5?

...what is t when d =210?
please help im desperate here...iv been studying all day help me my brain hurts!!!!!!!!!!!

Now settle down and try to understand what is being asked here. You're given the formula
d=r*t where d is the distance traveled, r is the speed and t is the time taken. In this case r=70 so the formula is
If you want to know what d is when t=2.5, substitute 2.5 for t to get
Can you solve for d?
For the second one you're given
Can you solve for t?

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    d = 175 mi

    t = 3 hrs

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    How do i relate lunch cost L and number of riders n

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