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Note: I am in Alegebra-based Physics.

You have landed on an unknown planet, Newtonia, and want to know what objects will weigh there. You find that when a certain tool is pushed on a frictionless horizontal surface by a 12.2 N force, it moves 16.3 m in the first 2.30 s, starting from rest. You next observe that if you release this tool from rest at 10.6 m above the ground, it takes 2.68 s to reach the ground.

What does the tool weigh on Newtonia?
Answer should be expressed in N.

What would it weigh on Earth?
Answer shoule be expressed in N.

On the horizontal, you know F=ma, and a= 2*distance/1sec^2.

solve for m.

In the vertical,

distancefell= 1/2 gravaccel*2.68^2
solve for accelerationdueto Gravity.

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