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Mr. Pennymarch, the advertising manager for Chemistry Today magazine, is responsible for selling advertising space in the magazine. The magazine deals primarily with chemical processing technology and is distributed solely by subscription. Major advertisers in the magazine are the producers of chemical processing equipment, since the magazine is primarily directed at engineers and other technical people concerned with the design of chemical processing units.

Since the size and composition of the target audience for Chemistry Today are key concerns for prospective advertisers, Pennymarch is interested in collecting more detailed data on the readership. Although he presently has total circulation figures, he feels that these understate the potential exposure of an advertisement in Chemistry Today. In particular, he feels that for every subscriber, there are several others in the subscriber's firm to whom the magazine is routed for their reading. He wishes to determine how large this secondary audience is and also wishes to develop more detailed data on Chemistry Today readers, such as degree of technical training, level in the administrative hierarchy, and so on.

a.) Does Pennymarch have a specific hypothesis? If yes, state the hypothesis.

b.) What type of research design would you recommend? Justify your answer.

Hello, need some help. Research involves doing swot analysis, efas, ifas and sfas tables. I'm really lost at this concept.


    do it yourself!!

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