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I am writing a feasiability study on an investment made my a hypothetical company into an internet news company. This idea sprung from my inquiry question :"What does the media hold in store for us?" Has anyone got any suggestions as to what fontant should be in there? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ie. Should I have something highlighting the advantages of internet journalism etc etce etc

Do you mean fonts?

Generally speaking, for academic papers, you choose one, good, clear font and stay with it. The best ones are Century, Century Schoolbook, Georgia, Times New Roman, or Arial. You should have your font size be 11 or 12 so that your teacher doesn't have to strain his/her eyes to read it!

You use bold to indicate emphasis -- but don't overdo it! Too much starts looking junky after a while.

You use italics or underline to indicate the titles of books, magazines (magazine articles go in quotation marks), films, individual pieces of artwork, etc.




No i means content, like what info\headings should it contain

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