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Can someone please tell me the tools needed to measure amount of substance, area, volume, density, energy, and pressure? Thanks in advance!

It depends on what you are measuring and the quantity. For amount of substance, the mass can be measured with a balanace for relatively small quantities. To measure area you will need a rule of some kind (laser rulers are available now), for volume you can use a ruler and measure the length, width, and height and calculate volume or use graduated cylinders marked in milliliters. Density needs to measure mass per unit volume. A hydrometer or pycnometer may be used. Heat energy may be measured with a calorimeter but there are many other kinds of energy. Air pressure is measured with a barometer but there are other kinds of pressure measurements. The above will give you some idea of the breadth of this question. It is so open ended that books are written on some of these subjects. I hope this helps you get started.

Thank you! Yeah, I was kind of thinking that there could be more than one answer. The directions aren't very specific.

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