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please help me find the definition for
unit rate.

It depends upon what kind of unit. Go to and type in unit rate. There is one source there for hotel unit rates, another for unit rates for the medical field, etc. You may also go to and type in unit rate but I don't know if that will handle a double word or not.

help me in math ity is unit rates

write the unit rate for each situation
travel 250mi. in 5h.

i don't understand the unit rates. How do you do it?

What is a unit rate?

What is a unit rate?

Can you help me make a unit rates quiz

  • math/unit rate -

    50mi. in 1h.

  • math/unit rate -

    score 96 points in 6 games

  • math/unit rate -

    What is the unit rate, 96 points in 6 games.

  • math -

    do it yourself cheater

  • math/unit rate -

    A unit rate is like 42 cupcakes in 3 boxes. how many cupcakes in each box. a unit rate is comparing 2 items.

  • math/unit rate -

    A unit rate is like 42 cupcakes in 3 boxes. how many cupcakes in each box. a unit rate is comparing 2 items.

  • math/unit rate -

    idk i need help !

  • math/unit rate -

    You divide something and.... Idk

  • math/unit rate -

    unit rate of 105 trucks on a 5 boats... 105/5= 21 EASY

  • math/unit rate -

    a unit rate is thet he price or cost for one. Soooo....first thing is you divide 250 by 5 which equals 50. Now you know the Unit Rate is 50

  • math/unit rate -

    15 pounds in 6 weeks

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