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how do you solve this..I have idea even where to begin.

If |x| = 11 and |y| = 23 and | x - y| = 30, find |x + y|

We're asked:
If |x| = 11 and |y| = 23 and | x - y| = 30, find |x + y|
From this, |x| = 11, we know x=11 or -11
From this, |y| = 23 we know y=23 or -23
However, there is no way to get | x - y| = 30| using these values. Make sure you have the correct values here.

ya i have the right values it came directly from my sheet lol...

Well, since there are only two choices for each of x and y, try them in |x-y| and see what you get. Somethin' is off somehwere...I dunno??

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