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How am I supposed to write very beginning of the essay?

Generally, a thesis statement will appear in the introduction to the essay, which is the first paragraph or section of the essay introducing your topic. Aim for a clear, strong introduction that sets out what you're going to say. Your introduction should be mainly the "explaining" part of your paper. You should be aiming to present your idea in the introduction (whatever it is, agreeing with an idea or disagreeing), and then explain how it generally works. You don't want to get into specifics yet; you just want to establish the direction in which your essay is going to go.>>

Also you can add hooks and lures into the introduction like facts or statistics, even quotes.

Generally you don't worry about writing the whole introduction until the entire paper is written, but as Bob Pursley says, you MUST have a good thesis statement written down to guide your outline or plan. The thesis statement is the ONE sentence in your intro that states what you intend to prove over the course of your paper.

And here are some excellent websites that will help greatly:
Follow the step-by-step directions.
There are many really good ideas here.
Use the left column as the table of contents.


Thank you so much guys.

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