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I was wondering if somone could answer my previous question on the idepence day traditions of Mexico?


I searched on Google and found many titles that purported to be about celebration but most gave the history of the Mexican Independence day and little about the details of the celebration itself. I found one entry about a parade, children dressed in multicolored dresses (for the girls), and a jalepeno eating contest. Other than those three things I turned up blank.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Although you have some great sites to visit, and it may be too late for THIS year, here is more information.

September 15th is "el Grito de Dolores" or "el Grito de independencia." This conmemorates when the priest Miguel Hidalgo, in the city of Dolores, Guanajuato, began the fight for Mexican Independence. On that evening all Mexicans meet to give "el Grito" which is "Long live Mexican independence." This even is transmitted from the "zócalo" (main public square) of Mexico City. In the center of each city people unite in front of the Government Palace, waiting until 11 p.m. to give "el Grito." (Long live Hidalgo, Morelos, the heroes of the independence, Mexico" while waving the Mexican flag. Then fireworks are lit and a "fiesta" begins.

After el "Grito" many places have an evening fair (verbena popular/feria) where typical Mexican snacks are eaten and sold (quesadillas, "gorditas," molotes, mole, tostadas, pozole, chalupas, buñuelos, etc.) along with Mexican drinks such as tequila and pulque. Of course there is also cheerful mariachi music.

Other families celebrate "Noches Mexicanas" where they invite friends to conmemorate this celebration in their home, some acting out the events of September 15th, 1810. Afterward is a Mexican meal or typical snacks.

On the 16th there is no school as this is a national holiday.

This year was relatively quiet; the President Vicente Fox gave the traditiional Grito" in the city of Dolores Hidalgo. under intense rain and tight security. A bell, a replica of that used by Miguel Hidalgo is rung. Sr. Fox added "long live our democracy, our institutions, Mexican unity." There was the traditional parade of Armed Forces.

It will be interesting to follow the change in government to see how this tradition will be celebrated next year!

whats da name of the plaza wer da grito es held in guanajuato....

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