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Is the tertiary structure of a protein the bonding together of several polypeptide chains by weak bonds? I Know tehre are weak bonds invovled by everything I looke at shows single chains.

Any kind of bonding can contribute to the tertiary structure of proteins, including hydrogen bonds, disulfide bonds, hydrophobic interactions, and even ionic bonding.

okay im confunsed. the options are a)b onding together of several polypeptide chains by weak bonds b( bonding of two amino acids together to forma dipeptidee c) order in which amino acids are joined by peptide chain d)final 3-d shape for polypeptide chain e)twisiting of peptide chain into alpha helix.

The answer is d...the final 3-d shape for the polypeptide chain. That is what is meant by tertiary structure.

choice a refers to secondary structure (sounds like beta pleated-sheet), choice b and c refer to primary structure, choice d is correct...tertiary. and choice e is secondary structure.

I have anotehr question and thanks a bunch for the help. i have a model that looks like a ribbon going down. It has c, h, n,and o (elements i s'pose) and asks what it shows, i looked on net and cannot find examples. is it alpha helix starch, alpha helix protein, polynucelotide folding into double helix, linear form of glucose

Tough to answer this one, Michael, without actually seeing model. "ribbon" thing makes me think of alpha helix; my huch would be alpha helix protein. But just an educated guess.

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