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I have a few questions about the circle of forths.
Alright so the circle goes C,F,B-Flat,E-Flat,A-Flat,D-Flat,G-Flat,B,E,A,D,G and then returns to C and continues to go around in the same order. I play the Bari Sax. I am in grade 9. My question is what note do i play. Because those are the concert notes. So what are my notes for each concert note. Please help im frustrated .

Hi Emily.
You are right. The Bari sax is in the key of Eb. That means it is 3 half-steps above concert key. (C to Eb is 3 half-steps). So, for you to play the same SOUNDING note as a concert instrumet, you have to play 3 half-steps BELOW the concert note. So, a concert C is an A for you. A concert F is a D for you. A concert Bb is a G for you. A concert Eb is a C for you. A concert Ab is an F for you. A concert Db is a Bb for you. A concert Gb is an Eb for you. A concert B is an Ab for you. A concert E is a Db for you. A concert A is an F# for you. A concert D is a B for you. And a concert G is an E for you.

I hope this helps!!

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