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Put in y=x^2-3x+2 in your graphing calculator, and graph is. See where y is negative. That area is the solution
The graph will be a second degree equation, and probably cross the y=0 axis at the x defined in (x^2-3x+2=0)
Factor that equation and solve for those values of x. There will be two of them, and that will divide the x axis into three regions (to the left of the most negative, between the two values of x, and to the right of the highest value)
Test each region by picking an x and seeing if the value of y=x^2-3x+2 is negative.

x=1 x=2

You have deposited 1000$ in your saving account with an anual interst rate of 4 percent compund monthly. How much money are you going to have in your account after six months.

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