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Hi, I have a math question that I need help with:
g:-> 3(1.3)^x

State equations for any asymptotes to the graph of g.

I know what an asymptote is, but I do not understand this lost. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much

I'm a little unsure what your notation means. You have
g:-> 3(1.3)^x
I'm supposing this means g(x)=3(1.3)^x
I should point out that the term asymptote is one of those math terms with a variety of meanings. For this problem there are no vertical asymptotes, but look at what happens when x goes to - infinity: g(x) approaches 0. Thus the x-axis would be considered a horizontal asymptote for g(x). The x-axis equation, BTW, is y = 0.

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