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discuss the fragility of civilization against the sestructive force of fear. suggested approach:fear is the enemy of civilization: fear prevents construction and progress.

i have to write an essay for the "Lord of the Flies" and above is the topic.

how do i do my intor paragraph. should i just talk about civilization and fear and then mention the book.

should i just start saying "lord of the Flies" is a book about boys on an island and their fear makes civilization go away."

(of course i wouldn't exactly say that but which apporoach is better)

Forget doing the intro right away. Collect your thoughts (brainstorm) and make a plan or outline before you start writing. Then write the body of your paper first. Write the intro and conclusion LAST. (How can you possibly introduce something you haven't written yet?!!)

Here are some websites about the writing process to help you along. Be sure you don't skip any of the steps; your grade will suffer if you do.


Use the list on the left as the table of contents.

A terrific collection, no matter what your question about writing is.


Here are some specific webpages about writing introductions:




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