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I need some insight please for my arugementive essay about what makes people American. I was thinking that my main points could be culture, ciztenship, and knowing who you are. Would these be good points for my argumentive essay?

OK, then your essay focuses on Native Americans, they were the original citizens, and a unique culture, and knew their identity.
Just kidding. I think your attempt to make a single culture the focus is doomed. See the "salad bowl" concept here:

From the earliest English settlers to the most recent immigrants, a few values have remained constant.

People are drawn to the U.S. to better themselves economically. Although a few Americans have despaired of becoming financially successful, most of us still believe that if we work hard and save money, we will have one of the highest standards of living on earth.

People are also drawn to the U.S. for freedoms -- of religion, speech, and assembly. Most of us still value these freedoms -- which is another unifying factor.

The New York Times published an article today about the many Muslim immigrants have moved here in the last two or three years. Although they know that there are some problems with discrimination, they've come to make a better living and enjoy the freedoms of American life.

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    An American is someone who lives in America and has freedom pf speech,choice of religion,and freedom to work and live where they want.

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