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Whats the difference between decomposer,consumer,and producer? give an example of each and tell how producers make their own food. I looked in my book but it just doesnt say anything about any of those 3 things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For food: A producer grows/makes the product (farmers grow or middle men take a mixture of foods and makes an edible dish such as Weight Watchers or Healthy Choice or Campbells, etc), the consumer buys and uses these products (these are the customers) and a decomposer takes the waste products (those not used, for example) and uses them for fertilizer after decomposition. I hope I have interpreted your question correctly.

decomposer: decomposes things that have been in a worm for example

consumer: something that has to have a food source in order to humans

producer: is something that doesn't need to have a source of food...becuz it makes itz own a plant and clorophyll

well...hope that helps...thanx fa askin'

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