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My best guess --

Lead with your right foot; then your right hand, then left hand, then left foot, then right foot. Keep your legs straight and land on your feet!

I hope that's helpful.




if you want to learn to do a cartwheel, you might as well learn how to do a handstand. That will help. Put your palms and your head on the ground but don't lift your feet. bend up your knees so that they are resting on your elbows. Now straighten out your legs.

To do a cartwheel, stand in the first jumping jack step (like a star) now take your right hand and touch the floor. bend back up. do this more then once, for practice. now when you put your hand on the ground, lift your left leg. do that more then once. now when you do those more then once do them again but this time put both your hands on the ground. Don't try that more then once or you might fall over. When you are in that position, try and reach the leg in the air to the other side of your body. Move your left leg up with it.

sorry g2g 4 lunch
wish u well!

Go to a gym practice doing left handed cartwheels then do the same thing but reverse it sorta! And every time you do it wrong keep trying ! You can even practice at home! if you just cant get it ask your teacher if you could do a left handed cartwheel. You could also get a freind from your team to show you how to do it that's how I learned! that's all the help i can give you!

k thanx i will use ur help i gusses

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