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this is about cornell note taking...i'm done taking notes but i'm having trouble with the summary and the question area...i don't know what to ask ....for the question part...so can u help?

The question area...put in a question that you think the teacher might ask based on that section. The question depends on what is there. If the teacher say listed four causes of WWI, then the question in the question are might be "what are the four causes of WWI?.
If the teacher listed the definition of solubility, then the question would be What is solubility, and list an example.
So tailor your question to the notes. Now after the first test, compare the teacher's questions with your notbook questions. You will be amazed how good you get.
You can ask your teacher to review your notebook...I recommend this...and give suggestions where your questions stink. The teacher will be happy to do this.

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