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What does distance/ time/ rate of speed mean? It's all one word!!!!

Please Help!!!!!! I looked in the dictionary, on the internet nothing

It might be acceleration, but I'm not sure; distance/time is velocity. If it means rate of change of velocity then it's acceleration. If not, then I can't tell what it means...

d, t, and r are related.
distance = rate x time.

I mean the definition for distance/ time/ rate of speed..

d = rt IS a definition of distance, rate and speed. If you want the definition of each specific word, look up distance, then time, then rate in a dictionary. You can't find distance-rate-time in a dictionary (from your first post) because there is no such word.

theres no definition. It just means the dirt formula,

Distance means how far..time is time in meaning minutes...rate of speed is timeing..

I want to know about Math Vocabulary and meaning too

ok, so ur gonna hit ur self in the head after u here how stupid this is...unless what i say isnt what u need. well, any way for math class i had to do the same thing, anyway...again Distance/Time/Rate of Speed are all independent variables...

define distance/time/rate of speed

what is the definition of the word algebraic describtion (function)

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    I wish i could help u but i have the same prob. sorry

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