Environmental science

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I know how environmental science branches off to various sciences-

how does astronomy (to be specific, the discovery that Pluto's not a planet anymore) relates to environmental science?

Thank you!

Reclassifying Pluto as "not a planet" is NOT a discovery. It was an arbitrary redefinition determined by a vote of members of a certain association of astronomers. Many were embarassed by the prospect of having to revise the number of planets as others are discovered farther away. One Caltech astronomer has already found four of them, some of which are as large as Pluto, and I think they did not want him to have too much glory.

This does not address your question, but I could not help but sound off on that subject.

Planetary science is a branch of astronomy. Both they and environmental scientists study things like atmospheres and geology.

what does denitification do to nitrogrn as a waste?

enviormental science is the most calculated sientific lavorated and nitrogen as a waste gets beaten to deth by denitification

  • Environmental science -

    Explain how energy stored in coal was obtained from the sun?

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