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hi if aanyone read the book "lord of the flies", can you help me?

What is the relationship and friendship of simon and ralph. because when simon dies, my job is to write what ralph would say about simon in his eulogy. i know that simon feels close to ralph, but how. i can't seem to explain it.

I have never read or assigned this book although I've heard about it a great deal! That doesn't help you, but this might:


Find the book under the L's and see what you can see.


what does simon discover about the ape like beast

Answers for:
Why the characters behaved the way they did?
And summaries.
Please answer these 2 Q's for every chapter.

can ui help me chapters 5 journal be cause

  • lord of the flies journal help -

    Watch your language and smarten up!

  • lord of the flies journal help -

    What rules have been ignored in Chapter 5?

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