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please help me i need help before tomorrow please help i need help on my homework

Post a question and someone will try to help. Be specific about what you don't understand.

i need help on greatest common factor

What unit would you use if talking about area

It would be square units. If the sides are in feet then the area would be in square feet. You should start a new question too. This thread is about to move to the next page.

okay i am in the 6th grade and in my math book it says what 3 numbers have the GFC of 15. i don't know what that is and it says that on of the numbers have to be over 100

Perhaps this will help.

rounding decimals 5 th grade

You should post a separate question under "post a new question," then specify what you are having trouble with. Try to be as specific as you can in detailing what you don't understand.

can you please help me before i have to go to sleep

I hope my previous post helps; however, 14 minutes is a pretty good turn around time from posting a question to finding an answer on the web and posting it to you.

i remember how to multiply first before i add(for example,6 times 7 plus 1),but i forgot how to solve problems pertaining to division with multiplcation,multiplication with subtacting,etc.can you please please please help me????im in distress!!!!

You should've started a new question. I almost missed this.
This subject is called order of operations or operator precedence.
Parentheses are always treated first. After that we do multiplication and division. If there's both division and multiplication they can be performed in either order. Typically they're performed from left to right on you calculator.
Here's the example you gave
6*7 + 1 = 43 Correct. We do the * (times) first then add 1.
If we had 5*10/2 you could do the multiplication first to get 50/2=25 or you could do the division first to get 5*5=25. We say that the two operations are at the same level of precedence so the order shouldn't make a difference.
If we have multiplication (and no parentheses)then the multiplication is performed first. Thus if we had
6*9-3 the answer would be 54-3=51
But if we had 6*(9-3) the parenthese would come first to get 6*6=36
To summarize, the order of operations is (),* and /, + and -.
Operations at the same level are done left to right.
If there's more than one set of () or [] and {} too, then evaluate them from the inner ones to the outer ones first.
Now hopefully some of the distress is leaving, yes?
If you have specific examples or problems you want to do, start a new question please.

what units are used when talking about area

I answered this above. It's square units.

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    I Don't know how ti use gfc

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