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What method of separation would you use for the following mixtures:

acetone and water
aluminum powder and ethyl alcohol.

these were questions asked after a chapter of reading in my chem book. the separation techniques listed in the reading are filtration, distillation, and chromatography (specifically gas-liquid chromatography). I've tried to do a little research on the substances, and it doesn't seem like an acetone water mixture would be separated in any of the ways listed. i'm not sure if the aluminum powder would be soluble in ethyl alcohol. could someone direct me towards possible separation methods, and if they're not the ones listed, give a brief description?

acetone and water...evaporation (distillation). Or centrifuge. The actone has a very low vapor pressure, and wont mix with water.

aluminum powder and ethanol.

Filter through filter paper.

thank you. i wasn't sure about the second one because i didn't know if it would dissolve or not.

If aluminum dissolved, many structures would be in jeopardy in the rain, including my window screens.

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    thanks fag

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