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i need to rite an english speech but i don't know what to do it on and my confidence levels are very very low somebody please help me. it has to be an aussie icon.

Hi Caitlin. When we think of an Australian icon, we think of the Boxing Kangaroo. YOu can find information on this on the internet. The boxing kangaroo is an icon, or a symbol of Australia.
The best way to be very confident when you give a speech is to know what you're going to talk about very well. So you practice your speech many times, so you can do it very easily. That way you will not worry that you will make any mistakes, and you will do well.

thankyou very much. i have decided that i am going to do the big banana, but thankyou very much for your idea i would have never thought of the boxing kangaroo. Thankyou heaps for your help, i just really hope i don't stuff up. thankyou again.

You're welcome. The Big Banana is also good! Good luck!

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