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Hello, I have to make a flyer for my early childhood education program, to promote healthy pregnancies. Does anyone know how to go about making a flyer? I need a catchy title. I know what to put in the flyer just need a good title and how to make the flyer. Thanks

Hi Clark,

Most of the flyers I’ve seen consist of a single piece of paper with a large title, relatively brief and concise information about the given subject, and directions on where the reader can go to learn more (which could be a physical place or a website for example).

If you’d like some examples you can run an image search on Google for “flyers.” Most of the results seem to be for bands but there are several informational flyers in the mix that might give you some ideas.

If you have Microsoft Word or Publisher on your computer, they have templates for flyers within each program. You can choose a template, change the text and graphics and -- bingo! -- a flyer!!


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