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Ok, so does this sentence sound good then. Physically, a ten year old boy who can't throw a ball due to coordination has delayed growth spurt, delayed puberty and things like these can affect their social and emotional development.

Huh? Nonsense. Why would one presume a kid who cant throw a ball has delayed growth, or delayed puberty? I listed those in the other post as separate examples, any of which is causing a clash with the physical, social, and emotional realms. You need to do the analysis of at least one in those three realms.

Folks here will happily volunteer their time to critique your work, but are very reluctant to do if for you.

I apologize if I offended you with what I wrote, I was just lost for this assignment, I know you people volunteer your time and that's great, but if you are reluctant to do it for me you didn't have to respond back. I have a learning disability and its hard for me to grasp information.

no..itz not right....
if a ten year old boy can't throw a ball doesn't alwayz mean a disability
it just means that the boy wasn't taught by a parent or teacher or even a friend....but it could mean that yes..maybe there is a disablitity like a weakness in his arm
but not a delayed growth spurt or delayed puberty

hope it helps

  • education -

    it is not possible for autism to delay growth or delay puberty.

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