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For a physics lab, I measured length, width, thickness, and mass of 2 blocks of wood, 3 trials each.
There were 2 questions on the lab that I did not understand how to do.

1. For each trial, find the ratio between the mass and the volume. Based on your data, what is the relationship between the mass and volume?

-The measurements are:
Block A:
Trial 1- -Length: 20 cm
-Width: 10 cm
-Thickness: 2 cm
-Mass: 2.12 kg
-Volume: 400 cm
Trial 2- -Length: 21 cm
-Width: 10 cm
-Thickness: 3 cm
-Mass: 3.37 kg
-Volume: 630 cm
Trial 3- -Length: 19 cm
-Width: 10 cm
-Thickness: 3 cm
-Mass: 3.02 kg
-Volume: 570 cm
so umm i'm not sure how to do ratios.. and then...

2. For each type of measurement you made, explain how error could have affected your results. Consider method error and instrument error. How could you find out whether error had a significant effect on your results for each part of the lab?


oh i forgot to type the measurements for block B, so here they are:

i will just type the mass and volume.
Block B:
Trial 1- Mass: 3.37 kg, Volume: 636 cm
Trial 2- Mass: 3.03 kg, Volume: 572 cm
Trial 3- Mass: 3.42 kg, Volume: 645.98 cm.

Here is what you are supposed to do. For each block trial, take the ratio of mass/volume (this is later defined as density). If the woods are the same, the ratios ought to be constant for the trials. Conclusion? Is the ratio always constant no matter what the size of the block? Is density an inherent (look that word up) characteristic of matter? Is density extrinsic or intrinsic?

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