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i really need help with these spanish words.i just started my first spanish class, so those who have already had spanish, it shouldnt be to hard.translate the following please: aqui,tengo(not,te llamas,soy,eres,yo,tu,? de donde?,de, ?eres tu de,and finally tengo anos. i know its alot, but this is really hard for me and i don't have a book.H E L P !

i d k either!sorry

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum, but sorry, I do not understand your "short hand!" Please use standard English so we can help you better.

aqui = here

tengo = I have

te llamas = ___________

soy = I am (followed by something that is permanent with you, not something temporary)

eres = __________

yo = I

tu = you (s) - the familiar form, not to be used with strangers

? de donde? = _____________

de = of, from

?eres tu de = ________________

tengo anos = Literally, "I have years" -- it's a way to say how old you are. If you say tengo veinte anos, you'd be saying I'm 20 years oldM/i>.

You should be able to use one of the websites above to help with the others. Be careful, though -- online translaters are not always very accurate.

Be sure to re-post with your answers if you want someone here to give you feedback.


santa ursula y las once mil virgines

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum and you have excellent help from Writeacher. If you look above (I think it was Katy) you will find my answer to her on how to use a dictionary. When you learn your Spanish, KEEP any accent marks that should be there: aquí, de dónde and most importantly is it "tu" which is the possessive adjective "your" or is it "tú" which is the subject pronoun meaning "you?"

If this is your introduction to Spanish, many teachers begin without a book. That is very important and be sure to take good notes in class. Once you have the book and see the written word, it often interferes with your pronunciation!

Of course it is "hard" for you because it is "foreign!" Don't be discouraged and take it one step at a time. We are only too glad to help you.

here these are the words when translated.
aqui- here

tengo- have(used only with I)

te llamas- Your name is... or Your
name is?(statement or question)

soy- am(used only with I)

eres- are(used only with YOU)

yo- I

tu- you(informal which means basically you would only say it to friends or people you're really close to, but not to adults, seniors or important people.)

de donde?- from where?

de- from,or of

eres tu de?- Are you from...?

tengo anos- I have years. It could goi two ways though: "I have years as in old age" or "I have years as in I haven't been there for a long time.

Your Welcome!!I am Honduran and Mexican and know much Spanish so that's why I know so much.

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