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Isosceles triangle XYZ is placed on a coordinate plane to be used for a coordinate proof. What should the coordinates of its vertices be?

a. (-a,0), (0,0), (a,0)
b. (0,0), (0,-a), (-a,0)
c. (0,0), (0,a), (a,0)
d. (0,0), (0,-a), (a,0)



Although not my area of expertise, I would go with c)

a) is clearly out as it represents a straight line. b), c) and d) are all valid points for an Isosceles triangle. However, only c is in the postive quadrant. Corodinate proofs in the negative quadrants are, apparently, confusing and cumbersome.

angle jnk is congruent to lnm prove that angle jnl is congruent to angle knm

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