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What are two situations in which mechanism can be detrimental

You have to define what type of mechanisms you mean: biochemical, physical, etc.
It is dangerous to stand in front of an automobile while it is running...

sorry if I did not make myself clear!
the question before that one went as follows:
Identify and briefly describe one body mechanism for fighting invasion by a foreign protein.

My answer:We were given T cells to fight of foreign invasions. The killer T cells secrete proteins that punch holes in the infected cell's plasma membrane.

then it says:
b. Describe two situations in which this mechanism can be detrimental

I still don't know???

There are situations in which the autoimmune system attacks the body, as with arthritis and lupus. Search the Internet for more information on these two disorders.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

In cancer, and some other diseases, T cells regulate the immune system in a counter productive way: The T cells will inhibit the immune response, allowing the cancer cells free reign.
In the case of AIDS, the virius causes a massive amount of T cells to be formed, and then the "superantigen" prevents them from being cloned, thus, the information stored on the variable portion of the t cell is not reproduced, and the person becomes then very likely to suffer from a another disease that is usually stopped dead in its tracks by the immune system.

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