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Chem+ASAP+2 fill in the blank questions+ASAP!!!

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PLease check this. They are fill in the blank and I just need to know if they are right. Thanks!

9. Compared to a strong acid-strong base titration curve, a weak acid-strong base titration curve has a (higher, lower) __higher___ initial pH value.

10. Compared to a strong acid-strong base titration curve, a strong acid-weak base titration curve has an equivalence point with a (higher, lower) _lower__ pH value.

i think 1st is right,but in 2nd its higher: as weaker one is base .

Higher for the first one and lower for the second one is correct.

I should point out here that these answers are correct but only if the molarity and the type acid/base system is the same. For example, I can titrate 0.00001 M HCl with 0.00001 M NaOH (the starting pH will be 5)and the titration of 0.1M CH3COOH with 0.1M NaOH will start off LOWER in pH (the starting pH will be about 3.3 or so. Anyway, you get the idea. I think the intent of the question is to compare the same concentrations.


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