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1. The ceiling of a classroom is 3.75m above the floor. A student tosses an apple vertically upward, releasing it 0.50 meters above the floor what is the maximum magnitude of the initial velocity that can be given to the apple if it is not to touch the ceiling?

2.The acceleration due to gravity at the surface of Mars is roughly 4m/s2. If an astronaut on Mars were to toss a wrench upward with a speed of 10 m/sec. find (a) how long would it rise? (b) how high would it go? (c) its speed at t=3sec. and (d) its displacement at t=3sec

3.A small stone is dropped from a height of 2m above the ground (a)How long will it take to reach the ground?
(b)What is its velocity immediately before hitting the ground?

4.suppose that a hot air ballonist drops an apple over the side while the balloon is accelerating upward at 4.0 m/s2 during a lift off. (a)What is the apple's acceleration once it has been released? (b)if the velocity of the balloon is 2 m/s upward at the instant of release what is the apple's veloctiy just then?

I will be happy to critique your thinking on these. All are using the same equations.

isa isa lang wag ma sama....

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