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help with websites and introduction asap plz

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i have to write an essay on this topic:

The constitution was an attemt to addrss the problems that existed under the Articles of Confederation.
A) list and explain three problems of decentralized power under the articles of confederation. for each problem identify and explain one solution that the constitution provided to address the problem.
B) The proposed constitution in 1787 also created a divide in American Politics. identify and explain one argument for ratification and one argumet against ratification of the new constitution.

can you please give me some sites i can visit that will help me with this.

Also for the introduction, how do i start it. my plan is write how the constitution and articles of confederation first started and explain it a little. is that good or too boring. what do you suggest.

It always helps if you put the subject you're studying in the SUBJECT line. Then tutors with (in this case) history or government expertise can help you.


what 3 categories do the non-state groups fall into?

decentralized power that existed under Articles of Confederation

These sites have a lot of information about the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution.

Your introduction should include your thesis sentence -- perhaps at the end of your paragraph. Your idea to start with the background is good, but please include the information required by the prompt.

what is suffrage?

How was the Unites States under the Articles of Confederaiton like the Iroquois League?

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