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.What can you eat?
a.una manzana
b. un cuento
c.una fiecha
d.un bosque

2.Which of the following is a person?
b. chimenea
c. nariz

3.Which of the following is the best response to "Como se siente"?
a.Manana volvere
b. Me siento bien
d.Hasta luego
4.Choose the best word to complete this sentence:
La mujer ____ al mercado.

5. Which of the following choices is NOT an option to complete this sentence? The friend goes to the ____ and buys a kilo of candles.
a. vendeor
b. comedor
c. mercado
d. entonces

Please help if you can,

If you have any idea what the questions mean, then use a Spanish-English dictionary and see what word fits. I will save you the trouble this time, but next time pleasew show some work or thought.

1a 2d 3b 4d 5d (You misspelled a, vendedor).

Thanks a lot for your help, i am still going to do resheach on these,

In addition to having a good bilingual dictionary to help you understand the item you are doing, in the event of a test, where there is no dictionary to use, there is another "method of attack." If you can figure out what part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, conjunction, etc.) is required that will often help you to select the correct answer. For example, in #1 and #2 all the choices are nouns. In #3 they are all rejoinders. Now in #4 the sentence requires a verb and b is automatically out as a noun. In #5, choice d is out as it is not a noun.

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