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Find two consecutive odd integers such that 5 times the first integer is 12 more than 3 times the second.

let X = 1st odd number.
and Y = 2nd odd number = X + 2 since it is consecutive.
Now set up two equations (the first is Y = X + 2). The second is
5X = 3Y + 12.
Substitute in this last equation for Y = X + 2 and solve for X.
I hope this helps. If you get stuck please post your work to that point and tell us why you are confused as to the next step to take.

Let A and (A + 2) be the two consecutive integers.

Then,5A = 3(A + 2 + 12.

Can you take it from here?

-6 -(-5 * 3 + 2}

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