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This sounds like the question you are supposed to answer -- perhaps write an essay about -- after reading the entire book. Have you read it?

"What spurs ... " -- those are words asking you to write about the main character's motive. Why did he do that?

But first of all you'll need to be clear on what his "revelation" was. What did he say or do that let others know what he thought about the world around him?

What does "gentle indifference of the world" mean, in your opinion, after reading the book?

After you have read the book thoroughly and truly understand the question and all its parts, please let us know if you still have difficulties with this assignment.


  1. DuckyMomo

    Hey, greetings from the future. It has been 10 years 7 months and 1 day since you asked this question. You probably have your life set up and are married have kids have a job and graduated college. The world hasn't turned to pretty lately, but wow it's been long.

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