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I have to write a typed (doubled spaced)1 page essay on each of the following ...

Discuss the scenes where the boy speaks his own opinion what do these scenes tell you about the boy?

How did the decisions made for the boy affect the boys life?

How does this movie define family.

So i have to write at least 3 pages (since one page for each.) I do not see how I can write a page essay on one question, unless i repeat things i already wrote. Do you have any ideas on what to write?

Write a thesis sentence on each question. Then, explain what it means, why you think it, examples that make your point, and a summary.

That will be at least one page per question.

thanks a lot, i wrote on of the essays and it was a breeze

  • secondhand lions essays -

    buh bye

  • secondhand lions essays -


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