Questions Asked on
August 6, 2020

  1. math

    how do you know that the sum 2/21 plus 3/31 is rational

  2. mathematics

    Consider the polynomial function P(x) = -x^3 - mx^2 + nx - 5m. The remainder when P(x) is divided by (x-2) is 1 and (x+1) is a factor of P(x). Determine m and n algebraically.

  3. Mathematics

    Unity Games is a company that sells video games. Its revenue last year was modelled by the function g(x)=-4x^4+6x(4x-1)-4 and its revenue this year is modelled by the function f(x)=-3x^2((x^2)-8)-6x-5 where x is the number of video games sold in the

  4. Mathematics

    Given that 2x-1 is a factor of x^3-3x^2+bx-b, use full sentences to describe the steps and the theorem you would use to determine the value of b algebraically.

  5. Math

    A boat is heading due north as it crosses a wide river with a velocity of 10km/hr relative to the water.the river has a velocity of 5km due east determine the velocity of the boat with respect on the river bank

  6. math

    given that tan 4pi/7 = 5.6513, determine the following a (cot)pi/18 b (tan)13pi/9

  7. biology

    Which of the following facts was unknown to Gregor Mendel? organisms have two alleles for each of their genes alleles for genes are found on chromosomes heterozygous genes have two different alleles during reproduction, alleles separate i think D?

  8. calculus

    hello, if i have the eigenvalues, how can i find the eigenvectors? the current eigenvalues i have include imaginary numbers and i do not have a matrix.

  9. chemistry

    12.5g of zinc trioxocarbonate were heated very strongly to a constant mass and the residue treated with excess hydrochloric acid .calculate the mass of zinc chloride that would be obtained ?

  10. mathematics

    create a quintic polynomial inequality for which x=-4, x=0, x ≥ 2 is the solution. Justify your answer by solving the inequality using an interval chart. Provide a diagram as well.

  11. math

    Angles x and y are located in the first quadrant such that sinx= 4/5 and cosy= 7/25. determine an exact value for xin(x+Y)

  12. Mathematics

    find the length of the line segment joining the points whose coordinates are (-3,1) and (5, -5)

  13. math

    the graph of a sin function has a maximum value of 6 and minimum values of 2 find amplitude Determine the amplitude of the function Determine the vertical translation of the function

  14. mathematics

    The length of a rectangle is represented by 2x + 3 and the width by 2x -1. Find the perimeter as a polynomial in simplest form.

  15. math

    boat tied up at a dock bobs up and down with passing waves. The vertical distance between its high point and its low point is 1.8m and the cycle is repeated every 4 seconds. a) Determine a sinusoidal equation to model the vertical position, in metres, of

  16. physics

    A bat flying in a cave emits a sound and receives its echo 1 s later. How far away is the cave wall?

  17. Mathematics

    M partially varies as N and P is constant when M=2,N=3,when M=4,and N=2.find M,when N=1

  18. math

    angle x lies in the third quadrant and tanx=7/24 determiner an exact value for cos2x determiner an exact value for sin2x

  19. Math

    Marie earns an annual salary of $30 500 in Yellowknife. She is paid biweekly, and her tax claim code is 1. What is her biweekly pay, and how much federal and territorial income tax is deducted from each of her paycheques

  20. mathematics

    Which best describes the expression (v +� 6)(v - 6) when simplified? a.monomial b.binomial c.trinomial d.constant

  21. Mathematics

    Marianne and faith are upgrading the storage shed in their backyard. the existing shed has the shape of a rectangular prism with dimensions 1 m by 2 m by 4 m. By what amount should they increase each dimension so that the new shed is 9 times the volume of

  22. Mathematics

    D is partly constant and partly varies with when V=40 D=15 and when v=54 D=192

  23. Mathematics

    Find the rate percent which yield simple interest of 25.00 on 200.00 for 2½ years

  24. mathematics

    Calculate the area of a minor segment whose chord subtends an angle of 85 at the centre of a circle of radius 3cm.Takeπ=22/

  25. math

    given that cos 5pi/9 = sin y first express 5pi/9 as a sum of pi/2 and a angle and then apply a confunction identity to determine the measure of angle y

  26. chemistry

    At s.t.p a certain mass of gas occupies a volume of 790cm^3 find the temperature at which the gas occupies 1000cm^3 and has a pressure of 726mmHg.

  27. mathematics

    Several games were played between two basketball teams: the Tigers and the Bears. The Bears won the second game by 12 points. A total of 126 points were scored during the game. How many points did each team score?

  28. mathematics

    Mandy earned x dollars and Andy earned 4x �+ 7 dollars on the first day of a charity carwash. If Mandy and Andy each earned the same amounts on the second and third days of the car wash, how much did they earn together over the course of the 3 days?

  29. mathematics

    The perimeter of a triangle is 41px. If the lengths of two sides are 18px and 7px,represent the length of the third side.

  30. math

    what prime factor that will equal 98

  31. Math

    set A = (a,b,c,d,e) and set B = (a,d,e,g). AUB is A.(D,e) B.(2a,b,c,2d,2e,g) C.(a,b,c,d,e,g) D.(b,c,g)

  32. Mathematics

    How many times does the digit 6 appear in the list of all integers from 1 to 100?

  33. math

    Solve the following equation: 3 x seven tenths