Questions Asked on
July 23, 2020

  1. History

    Which most accurately describes the governmental policies of Louis XIV of France? A) to institute an isolationist policy of foreign affairs and focus squarely on domestic concerns B) to establish separation of powers between the legislative and judicial

  2. history

    In what way were jamestown and plymouth colonies similar 1.They both granted women the right to vote in town Decisions 2. They both relied on tobacco cultivation 3. They were both settled for religious freedom 4. They were both established by joint stock

  3. Chemistry

    Al(s) + H2SO4(aq) → Al2(SO4)3(aq) + H2(g) What is the coefficient of H2 in the balanced equation, obtained by using oxidation numbers?

  4. Physics

    A spring of natural length 30cm is stretched to 35cm by a load of 15N. Calculate the extension produced,the elastic constant of the spring,the work done in stretching the spring.

  5. Chemistry

    Ba2+(aq) + Fe(s) → Ba(s) + Fe3+(aq) What are the balanced half-reactions for this equation?

  6. History

    What was the code name for the government program in which an atomic bomb was designed and constructed? Project Mogul Project Nutmeg Operation Morning Light Manhattan Project **

  7. Mathematics

    How many litres of water will a cylindrical pipe hold if it is 1m long and 7cm in diameter

  8. Chemistry

    Molten CuBr2 is electrolyzed. Which reaction occurs at the anode? 2e– + Cu2+(l) → Cu(l) Oxidation occurs at the anode. In oxidation, reactants gain electrons. In this reaction, Cu2+ gains electrons and becomes metallic Cu. 2Br–(l) → Br2(g) + 2e–

  9. Physics

    If the distance from the center of a merry-go-round to the edge is 1.2m, what centripetal acceleration does a passenger experience when the merry go round rotates with a frequency of 0.08 hz?

  10. math

    The Colossus ferris wheel at Six Flags St. Louis has a diameter of 50.3 m. A rider located on the circumference of the ferris wheel rotates at a speed of 16 km/h. (a) What is the angular speed of the ferris wheel, in rad/sec? (b) How long does it take for

  11. math

    Information about a play took up 1/3 of the pages in the program. Information about the actors took up 1/4 of the remaining pages. Information about the director, the producer, and the designer took up 2 pages, the same number of pages devoted to actors

  12. Maths

    A can of milk is 3/4 full. When 30 litres of milk sold, the can still had 2/5 th full. Find the capacity of the can

  13. Chemistry

    Fe(OH)3 + OCl– → FeO42– + Cl– When this reaction is balanced, how many electrons are transferred in each half-reaction and what is the coefficient of water (H2O)?

  14. Physics

    On a good night, the front row of the Twisted Sister concert would surely result in a 120 dB sound level. A Walkman produces 100 dB. How many Walkmans would be needed to produce the same intensity as the front row of the Twisted Sister concert?

  15. Math

    a certain square 18 feet on a side has the same area as a rectangle. If one side of the rectangle is 9 feet, what is the number of feet in the other dimension? a.9 b.2 c.27 d.36

  16. algebra

    If an object is dropped from a height of 126 feet, the function h(t)=-16t^2+126 gives the height of the object after t seconds. Approximately when will the object hit the ground?

  17. Mathematics

    A cylinder water tank is 70cm in diameter. To being with, it is fullof water. A leak starts in the bottom so that it loses 10liters of water every hour. How long will it take for the water level to fall by 20cm

  18. English

    All editions of the NIV have given "God's Faithfulness" as the heading for Romans 3:1-8. ======================================================== How do you read "3:1-8"? 1. three one through eight 2. three one to eight 3. three one until eight 4. three

  19. Chemistry

    Which of these is an application of electrolytic separation? obtaining metals from metal ores covering a corrosion-prone metal, like iron, with a thin layer of chromium running voltaic cells in reverse to charge them covering plastics with a thin layer of

  20. Mathematics

    The lenght of a board is twice its width of its perimeter is 3.60m,what is the width in cm

  21. physics

    A PV system is to be installed on a flat roof in Naples (Italy). The area of the roof that can be utilized for installing the PV system is 12x13 [m2] . The roof is oriented such that the sides are parallel to the East-West and North-South directions,

  22. Chemistry

    MnO4– + SO32– + H2O → MnO2 + SO42– + OH– If the reaction occurs in an acidic solution where water and H+ ions are added to the half-reactions to balance the overall reaction, how many electrons are transferred in the balanced reduction

  23. algebra

    Write an equation that expresses the following relationship. P varies directly with the cube of D and inversely with U. In your equation, use K as the constant of proportionality.

  24. Chemistry

    A nickel-cadmium electrochemical cell functions according to the following reaction: Cd+ Ni2+ → Cu2+ + Ni What is the standard cell potential of a nickel-cadmium electrochemical cell?

  25. Chemistry

    Changing the temperature of an electrochemical cell will affect which two variables? A: the reactivity of the metal electrode and the concentration of the electrolyte fluid B:the free energy of the half-reaction and the reaction rate C: the free energy of

  26. Chemistry

    If the rate law of a chemical reaction is k[NH4+]2[NO2–], what is the order of the reaction? 1. The order of the reaction cannot be determined. 2. 3 3. 1 4. 2 I know that the order for NH4+ should be 2 and NO2- should be 1. Does that make it 3?

  27. Chemistry

    What is the correctly balanced reaction for a Li-Cr voltaic cell?

  28. physics

    A student calculates an optimal tilt angle of 45 degrees, for a given location. For this calculation, the student only considered direct beam irradiation and ignored the effects of the atmosphere. Whilst still ignoring clouds, how do you expect the optimal

  29. math

    how to find slope and graph y+3=1/2(x+2)

  30. Physics

    Which of the following situations is a result of resonance? a. Hydro wires "hum" as a mild breeze blows over them. b. A child pushes herself on a swing by moving her legs back and forth appropriately. c. Windows in your house rattle as a large truck drives

  31. Calculus

    Find the curl of the vector field F(x,y,z) = (z + 𝑥^2 y) i + (xyz) j + (x + 𝑦^2 𝑧) 𝒌 at the point P(1,1,1)?

  32. math

    We have p,q,r,s,t and u asnonnegative real numbers. (a) Show that (p^2 + q^2)^2 (r^4 + s^4)(t^4 + u^4) ≥ (prt + qsu)^4. (b) Show that (p^2 + q^2)(r^2 + s^2)(t^2 + u^2) ≥ (prt + qsu)^2. i wanna put it in cauchy-schwarz form, but i can't figure out how

  33. Mathematics

    A car travelled from town P to town Q on a bearing of 56 for 18km it then travel to another town R on a bearing if 200 if R is directly south of P calculate a) Distance QR b) Distance PR

  34. History

    what impact did technology have on World War 1? A: Guerrilla warfare became more prevalent with advances in surveillance technology. B: Military advancement on the western front made the German blitzkrieg effective. C: The use of iron created the first

  35. math

    multplcaiton.Divison its like backwards multiplcaiton

  36. Geography

    what are the 7 contenets again?

  37. Chemistry

    Which of these are possible uses of electrolysis? A: recharging batteries B: obtaining pure metals from ores C: plating a steel spoon with silver D: generating electricity

  38. Chemistry

    Examine the unbalanced electrolytic reaction and its two half-reactions. Cd2+(aq) + Br2(g) → Cd(s) + Br–(aq) E0 = –1.49 V Half-reactions: Cd2+(aq) + 2e– → Cd(s) Br2 (g) → Br–(aq) + e– What is the balanced form of this reaction? Cd2+(aq) +

  39. math

    Find the equation of the line that passes through the point (-√3, -1), and makes an angle of 30 degrees with the line y = 1.

  40. Science

    For a given system, the influent substrate concentration is 470 g/m3 and the concentration of biomass in the aeration tank is 3000 g/m3. The substrate conversion rate is 2000 g/m3.d and the associated Volatile Suspended Solids (VSS) production rate was

  41. English

    How do you read 1. e bible dot o,r,g 2. e bible dot [ɔ́:rɡ] 3. e,b,i,b,l,e, dot o,r,g 4. e,b,i,b,l,e dot [ɔ́:rɡ]

  42. Computer science

    Mention other areas where ICT can be use in timing and control

  43. Mathematics

    An arc of length 28cm subtend an angle of 24° at the center of the circle. In the same circle what does an arc of 35cm subtend

  44. riddle

    I have a bed but I never sleep. I have a mouth but I never eat. What am I?

  45. Math

    Mary and peter shared 25600frw .mary got 600frw more than much money did :mary and peter gets?

  46. English

    Why write

  47. Calculus

    Find the surface area of the portion of the paraboloid z = 4 - 𝑥^2 -𝑦^2 that lies above the xy- plane?