Questions Asked on
July 22, 2020

  1. Precalculus

    Four cards are randomly drawn from a standard deck of 52 cards. Find each probability. a. P(1 ace and 3 kings) b. P(2 odd and 2 face cards)

  2. Mathematics

    a paper cone has a base diameter of 8cm and a height of 3cm.calculate the volume of the cone in terms of pie and make a sketch of the cone and hence use Pythagoras theorem to calculate its slant height and calculate the curve surface area of the cone in

  3. History

    What was the counterculture? a)civil rights protesters who organized sit-in protests at lunch counters b)a means of overthrowing a nation by infiltrating its military forces c)citizens who questioned the established political and social norms d)a CIA plan

  4. Physics

    A block and tackle having a velocity ratio of 5 is used to raise a load of 400N through a distance of 10m. If the work done against friction is 100J. Calculate 1. Efficiency of the machine 2. The effort applied

  5. Calculus

    5. Once Tony reached the hospital, he is carried on a stretcher through the corridors to the emergency area. Two corridors meet at right angles and are 2 m and 3 m wide respectively. 𝜃 is the angle marked on the given figure. AB is the stretcher which

  6. civics

    what was the main concern with john dickenson's first draft of the articles of confederation? too little power for the courts a too small legislature too much power in the central government too much power the state governments

  7. English

    I was sailing on a boat for the past three weeks, and it’s ______ my ability to walk on land Choose 1 answer: (Choice A) A effecting (Choice B) B affecting

  8. Calculus

    c) Knowing Tony is injured, they need to travel the shortest distance possible back to a road. They are located at (4,11), towards which road should they head and how far will they need to walk to reach this road? here's a picture of the previous

  9. science

    a body moving with a velocity of 20m/s slows down to 10 m/s in 2 second . find the accelaration and DISTANCE . CLASS 9

  10. Physics

    If this resistor is made of a material of cross- sectional area 4×10^-4cm^2 and resistivity 2×10^-6ohmcentimeter, calculate its length?

  11. Mathematics

    An isosceles triangle ABC has its vertices on a circle. If /AB/=13 cm, /BC/=13 cm and /AC/=10 cm, calculate the height BM of the triangle

  12. maths

    If 5sin

  13. Mathematics

    Ama is four times as old as Akua. In ten years time, Ama will be twice as old as Akua. What is their ages.

  14. Calculus

    At what point on the curve x = 3t^2 + 2, y=t^3-8 does the tangent line have slope 1/2?

  15. physics

    The wavelengths of various colours of light can vary. Violet light can have a wavelength of 400 nm and red light can have a wavelength of 700 nm. If these two colours of light pass by a very sharp edge such as a razor blade, which light will bring about

  16. world studies

    Which best explains why the Bosnian-Serb genocide occurred in Yugoslavia after the end of the Cold War?

  17. Civics

    How are women discriminated in different spheres ?

  18. Science

    150gram of NaoH were dissolve in 250cm³ of a solution. Calculate the volume of 0.10m of HCl which would be neutralize by 20cm³ of alkali

  19. Mathematics

    Solve the equation (3x- 2)/8 = (8+5x)/2.

  20. Physics

    An effort force of 60N is applied to rise a load 100N. If the load is carried through a distance of 20m and the effort moves through a distance of 40m using a lever, then, a. What are AMA and VR of the machine b. Calculate the Win and Wout c. Find the

  21. Algebra

    What is the value of the y-coordinate of the solution to the system of equations? X + 2y = 4 -2y - 3y =9

  22. Calculus

    Tony is picked up by an ambulance, which moves in a straight line with position given by s(t)=2t^3 - 9t^2 + 12t - 5 metres, where t is the time in seconds. Determine the time intervals where the ambulance's speed is increasing

  23. physics

    Consider a 100[W] incandescent light bulb powered by an off-grid PV system. The bulb is on 14 hours per day, and the acceptable loss of load probability is 0.1 . What is the maximum number of hours per year that the system can fail to provide the power

  24. physics

    Consider an off-grid PV system with storage that powers an incandescent bulb load using an inverter. The area of the PV array is 1.7[m2] and the conversion efficiency of the modules is 20% . The charge controller has no conversion losses, but the MPPT

  25. Mathematics

    On a trip mrs. ahmed drove 188 miles in 4 hours. On the return trip, she took a different route and traveled 197 miles in 4.5 hours. What was the average rate of speed for the trip?

  26. mathematics

    A circular race track is being built. The outsidediameter of the track is 200 feet, and the inside diameter is 180 feet. If two runners run around the track once, with one of them running on the outside edge of the track, while the other is running on the

  27. math

    Your car’s speedometer is geared to accurately give your speed using a certain size tire. Suppose your car has d = 14 inch diameter wheels and the height of the tire is h = 4.5 inches. (a) You buy a new set of tires with h = 5.5 inches and d = 14 inches.

  28. Physics

    A drop of volume 10^-10m^3 spreads out on a water to make a circular film of radius 10^-1m. What is the thickness of the film?

  29. English

    Identify the correct preposition to use in this expression. Jeannette and her sister bumped into each other by accident—neither one of them was ______ fault. Choose 1 answer: (Choice A) by (Choice B) in (Choice C) at

  30. Science

    A block and tackle having a velocity ratio of 5 is used to raise a load of 400N through a distance of 10m. If the workdone against friction is 100J. Calculate 1. Efficiency 2. The effort applied

  31. Calculus

    online class and I don't know what to do so I posts. Any help is great.Thank you Convert the integral [0,1]∫ [0,√(1-x^2 -y^2)]∫𝑧√(x^2 +y^2 +z^2)dz dy dx into anequivalent integral in spherical coordinates and evaluate the integral.

  32. Physics

    Using a converging lens ,an object is placed at distance less than f from the lensimages as

  33. chemistry

    How much heat is contained in 100 kg of water at 60.0 °C? (Hint: A substance at absolute zero, -273o C, has 0 heat content.)

  34. Math

    A son is 8 years old. His father is five times as old. How old was the father when his son was born?

  35. physics

    An off-grid PV system has a constant daily energy demand of 100[Wh] . The system is equipped with two batteries of 12[V] and 70[Ah] . After two years of use, the capacity of the battery bank is reduced to 90% of the original value. Moreover, the minimum

  36. math

    need some help on this problem: An irrigation drip arm is 28 feet long and pivots about a center one revolution each hour. A “drip hole” H is located 28 feet from the pivot point. (a) What is the linear speed of H in units of feet/hour ,feet/minute

  37. math

    How much longer does it take an automobile to travel one mile at 20 miles per hour than at 30 miles per hour? a) 1 minute b) 10 minutes c) 20 minutes d) None of these answers

  38. Math

    Ghulam sees the school 800m in the distance. He looks up to the top of the school and the angle of elevation is 32 degrees If Ghulam’s eyes are 1.5 metres above the ground, what is the height of the school, to the nearest metre?

  39. physics

    a spring of forceconstant 1500n/m is acted upon by a constant force of 75n calculate the potentialenergy stored in the spring

  40. Calculus

    Interchange the order of integration and evaluate the integral [0,8]∫ [∛y,2]∫ (e^x^4)dxdy

  41. math

    The state tax rate on 1973 incomes was 2% on the first $1000 of income subject to tax and 3% on the next $2000 or any part thereof. By special law, the state allowed a deduction of 1/4 of the tax computed on the above schedule. In 1973, $1800 of Mr.

  42. math

    On a trip, Mrs. Harper drove 188 miles in 4 hours. On the return trip she took a different route and traveled 197 miles in 4.5 hours. What was the average speed of the trip?

  43. Calculus

    Use polar coordinates to evaluate the integral [0,2]∫ [0,x√3]∫1/√(𝑥^2+𝑦^2)dydx

  44. science

    why can a criket ball do more work than a golf ball moving at the same speed

  45. science

    where does the energy you need to start a car come from?

  46. Math

    In an exam,90 students passed in science and 60 students failed in science and 80 failed in maths and 30 failed in both then find the number of students passed in both subjects.

  47. Calculus

    Given the vector field F(x,y,z)=(2xy + ycosx + 𝑥^2) i + ( 𝑥^2 + sinx +𝑦^2) j Determine whether F is conservative. If it is, find a potential function.

  48. maths

    Given a point x(a,b) a line ,L1 is passing through x and parallel to x-axis what is the equation of L1 another line L2 passing through x and parallel y-axis what is the equation of L2